wordpress.com incoming links

January 4, 2006

wordpress.com里?现了incoming links,我想是因为我用gmail的信箱注册了msn passportmsn spaces而这个信箱也是此wordpress账户的管?员信箱,好?是通过Google Blog Search

目?的wordpress.com实在是很难让人满?,功能上的?制就?说了,主题更是少得?怜,甚至字?都?能调整。原先我使用WordPress Default 1.5,??切??Almost Spring 1.1这个主题,然?以??表的文章就都加上了stronger标签,但是编辑文章的时候根本看??stronger标签,这?能是wordpress.com系统的一个bug。


out for practice

December 20, 2005

We will spend two weeks at JingWei factory in YuCi. No computer,no web, just the roar of huge machines will come along with us. I perpared some novels to read writen by Salinger, the new year must be less happiness but I’ll try to make use of it.

I was trying to write a class of snowflake just like Robert Penny‘s snowflake class, but I write it by AS2, just a transplant. I hope I can finish it so that I can use it to create my snowflake.

Last sunday bought a computer for my classmate, 7000yuan,1g ram. Hope I can change my LCD for a big one ,may be next year when I get my first work.

Tickets for the FIFA2006 World Cup

December 20, 2005


You can contant us:



December 18, 2005

When I was awaken by the ring of the handset, I know there’s another sleepless night for me.Nothing important, but tomorrow must be a busy day.

FOV:the spiritual leader of UD in WarCraft3

December 17, 2005


Paranoid Android

December 14, 2005

Paranoid Android:a map of StarCraft in WCG2005, its inspiration comes from RadioHead`s song of the same name.

a new wordpress blog site

December 12, 2005

Yesterday http://wordpress.com.cn ‘s service was available.They use the latest version of wordpress and it seems that they get the tech support form wordpress official.

Recently,the free host space which I used was terminated by php5.cz,so I turn to wordpress.com.http://wordpress.com.cn is another choose but I find the services they provided is faced to student abroad.I guess that they can’t afford too many users.On the other hand the great wall has blocked codex.wordpress.org,no one know if they will block wordpress.com.