FOV:the spiritual leader of UD in WarCraft3

December 17, 2005



mp3player for test

December 16, 2005

player page

add songs page

return xml

Paranoid Android

December 14, 2005

Paranoid Android:a map of StarCraft in WCG2005, its inspiration comes from RadioHead`s song of the same name.

a new wordpress blog site

December 12, 2005

Yesterday ‘s service was available.They use the latest version of wordpress and it seems that they get the tech support form wordpress official.

Recently,the free host space which I used was terminated by,so I turn to is another choose but I find the services they provided is faced to student abroad.I guess that they can’t afford too many users.On the other hand the great wall has blocked,no one know if they will block


November 1, 2005


macromedia得文档里对XUpdateResolver组件介?的内容比较少,网络上也看?到太多有价值的文章。 XUpdateResolver组件的一个典型的应用就是和XMLConnector,DataSet,DataGrid等组件一起使用构??以更改内容的DataGrid,但是实际上需?一个能解?XUpdate语言规范的?务器解?程??能实现xml的更新。

dressed for success

October 31, 2005

Tried to make it little by little,
tried to make it bit by bit on my own.

Quit the school, the grey believers,
another place where I get close to the bone.

I’m gonna get dressed for success……